The crises of the past few years have hit the automotive industry hard. The electromobility sector is also not left unscathed by this. Despite all this, MOTEG has also managed to continue growing in year 2022 and to set the course for further top performance.

The automotive industry is one of the sectors hit hardest globally by the Corona pandemic. A decline in production of almost 50 per cent compared to pre-Corona years, disrupted supply chains, factory closures, lockdowns as a brake on sales, and an overall investment confidence influenced by uncertainty added up to a serious challenge for the entire industry. Even if the effects of the Corona crisis and the Ukraine war on the global fuel market primarily affect the classic combustion engine, electromobility is not left unaffected. In the commercial vehicle sector in particular, however, it is already becoming apparent that, for example, the even more accelerated development in e-commerce due to Corona and the associated need for logistics services will quickly drive demand for commercial vehicles. The fact that electric drives will play a dominant role here in the medium term is not least a political decision in Germany and Europe.

The processes described also apply to MOTEG GmbH. As specialists in development and manufacture of electric motors and auxiliary units for electric commercial vehicles, the company from Handewitt in Schleswig-Holstein makes a contribution both as a supplier and through the further development of technologies and products manufactured on their principles.

“2022 was not an unproblematic year for us either”, explains Dr. Siegfried Götz, CEO of MOTEG GmbH. “Nevertheless, we have managed to build on the successes of the previous years and continue our growth trend.”

In actual fact, with almost EUR 4 million, MOTEG was able to achieve its own ambitious sales targets for 2022. The company has thus succeeded in doubling its turnover for the fourth time in a row. The basis for this is, among other things, an increase of around 20 per cent in the number of customers, with the result that MOTEG is now represented on five continents with its electric motors and auxiliary power units. MOTEG continues to hold its ground primarily in the field of auxiliary power units for electric and fuel cell buses and trucks, but is likewise expanding its activities in the agricultural sector. In 2022, the company also stepped up its presence in the area of communication with representatives of the construction vehicle industry for the first time.

The basis for sustained commercial success is not least the continuous development and expansion of the product portfolio. At the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 in September in Hannover, MOTEG was able to give an impression of how technological progress will continue to drive the industry forward in 2023, with its newly developed permanent magnet motors with 10, 20, and 30 kW, with further developed and more powerful screw compressors for compressed air supply (approx. 500 l/min at 145 psi [10 bar], max. 218 psi [15 bar]) as well as with a new diverse range of electro-hydraulics (up to 120 l/min flow rate and up to 3625 psi [250 bar]).

The targets for 2023 are therefore to expand the company’s own production and increase the internal vertical range of manufacture. With this in mind, the newly developed products presented at the IAA TRANSPORTATION are to be rolled out in series production by the summer of 2023. In addition, further new developments in the field of permanent magnet motors and an increase in power to 50 to 80 kW will open up new areas of application.

“2022 has shown us what we are capable of achieving our goals even under difficult conditions”, emphasized Dr. Götz. “The combination of resilience, innovation, motivation, and commitment that distinguishes us, will also be a key factor in the further development of MOTEG in 2023, and thus pave the way for electromobility in the commercial vehicle sector.”