MOTEG develops innovative drive systems and auxiliary units. The development process ranges from planning the design, simulation and construction of a prototype to the production of the finished electric motor. We are your partner from the first idea to the finished product.

Mobility (automotive and aviation) is one of the core competencies of our engineers, as are construction machinery, commercial vehicles and electrohydraulics. We develop special electric motors in response to individual needs, such as efficiency, costs, size and weight.

When resource bottlenecks constantly hinder your project progress, our individual service modules help you successfully complete your developments and to optimize production planning from an economical and operational perspective.

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Every development starts with a feasibility study (technical or economical). Our studies help you to significantly reduce the risk of bad investments in your development and production.

We check and evaluate the feasibility of your needs, review existing solutions and, if necessary, help you develop alternative concepts. Depending on the requirements of your drive technology project, our service includes the following:

  • Analysis and evaluation of different approaches
  • Development of  alternative concepts
  • Identification of best approach
  • Risk analysis
  • Prevention of bad investments
  • Recommendations for customer decision
  • Patent research (IPR-report)
  • Benchmarking


Whether motor or generator, self-excited, self- or externally driven – our development procedures are based on the load requirements and designed according to ISO standards, meaning that we will find the optimum solution for you.

Our focus is on the development of electric machines in the power range from 20 Watt to 200 kW.

  • Drive analysis
  • Preparation of functional/technical specification
  • Lamination design
  • Winding layout
  • Design FMEA
  • Analytical and FEM calculation
  • Thermal design incl. cooling concept, e.g. water-cooling
  • Efficiency optimization
  • Low- and medium-high voltage motors
  • Definition of motor and controller/converter interface
  • Efficiency/operation map calculation


Our mechanical construction department designs all machine components for your electric machine. Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling, we develop prototype and series parts including the preparation of drawings and any additional structural-mechanical analysis.

  • Design and construction of all attachments using 3D CAD programs
  • Design and development of retrofit solutions
  • System integration
  • Intelligent solutions for low-voltage applications
  • Mechanical structure analysis
  • Construction space and weight optimization
  • Design FMEA


Be it a special prototype or the A/B or C sample of a large series – our prototype services enable you to find the right test sample for every milestone of your project.

  • Process-oriented drawings
  • Global component sourcing
  • Measurement of motor parameters

Our worldwide network of suppliers enables us to find the right specialist for the required production technology for your individual prototype.