Simulation and calculation of lines and routes

Which routes can already today be converted to electric buses?

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Optimization of the system design

Which components and vehicles are the right ones?

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Return on investment and costs

Is there an economic advantage to converting to e-mobility?

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System consultancy and realization support

Are infrastructure changes necessary?

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Simulation and calculation of lines and routes

Using our precise, software-based analysis, we provide you with a detailed answer to the energetic suitability of your routes and lines to be converted to electric buses.

Analysis of all operated tracks and lines

  • Map with track/line details (including deadhead/empty trips)
  • Creation of track inclination profiles
  • Position of all bus stops along a route
  • Speed limits
  • Traffic lights and turn behavior

Fleet & route analysis

  • Inclusion of all routes
  • Tabular listing (route length/time/waiting-periods and positions)
  • Route preselection in regard to suitability for electrification (with/without opportunity charging)

Route energy footprints

  • Energy consumption of all tracks and lines (traction drive & secondary loads / heater & air conditioning)
  • Modeling of actual routes
  • Determination of possible charging-times & positions
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Optimized system design

We will then design an optimized system based on our calculations of the total energy demand.

Specification of traction drive

  • Minimum drive requirement (motor/gearbox/inverter)
  • Necessary battery capacity to complete the desired route (including worst-case scenario &  battery aging)

Optimized charging infrastructure

  • Effect of intermediate charging on necessary battery capacity
  • Determination of charging technology (conductive per cable/pantograph or inductive)
  • Calculation of necessary charging power
  • Integration of charging buffer times

Return on investments and costs

Calculation of total cost of ownership (TCO) based on the chosen system components and available vehicles.

Consideration of relevant influencing factors

  • Bus price, service life, energy consumption, insurance, maintenance, charging infrastructure, annual kilometers
  • Battery capacity and guaranteed battery cycles
  • Actual costs & price trends (electricity/diesel fuel/battery)


  • Write-off, operating costs, maintenance costs
  • Battery replacement (depending on battery size and guaranteed battery cycles)
  • Imputed interest (on request)

Benchmark e-bus vs. diesel

  • Costs comparison
  • Overall cost, per year and kilometer
  • Maximum allowable price for e-bus vs. diesel (break-even)
  • Subsidy (if necessary)
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System consultancy and realization support

If desired, we will advise and support you in all matters throughout the process, right up to the start of regular operation and beyond.

System selection & Concept

  • Operating concepts
  • Communication with public transport authorities
  • Technical consultancy
  • E-bus selection
  • Depot design/layout & workshop concept
  • Charging infrastructure & concept
  • Coordination with energy provider

Support during realization

  • Dialog with manufacturer
  • Call for tenders
  • Electrical grid connection (charging infrastructure depot & public sector)
  • Consultancy on e-bus implementation into existing operation and follow-up
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In any case of questions or if you want a no-obligation consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to your call or e-mail.