The compAUX series

Based on the synergy of our e-mobility and motor division, we created an application-orientated series of electric auxiliary units for battery- & fuel cell powered electric utility vehicles and electric buses, the compAUX series.

During development, we focused on optimizing those units in regard to noise, energy efficiency, size, weight and costs. This way we managed to set a new standard in economic efficiency, production and technology.

Thanks to the application-orientated development, our auxiliary units, which are specially designed for electrically powered utility vehicles and buses using inverter-driven PM synchronous motors, fulfill a variety of customer wishes. Compared to other available products on the market, which are mostly powered by asynchronous motors, our units are up to 3 times smaller, 6 times lighter and are more energy-efficient.

  • Maximum power in smallest space
  • Compact & light weight
  • Variable speed & high efficiency
  • Low noise & vibration
  • On demand control for less energy consumption & lower maintenance costs
  • Designed for on-/off-road vehicles


Due to high steering forces which occur especially when  parking or maneuvring trucks and buses, the power steering system needs to generate very high pressure to adequately support the driver in steering the vehicle.

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The air compressor, which offers a maximum pressure of 12,5 bar and a flow rate of 325 litres per minute at 3500 rpm at 10 bar, is a solution with sufficient reserves for almost every mobile application in the field of electric utility vehicles and electric busses.

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