Maximum Powerin smallest Dimensions

Our aim was to develop a high power electrical engine for utility vehicles which is ultra light, and small, maximum efficient, noise reduced and at the same time cost efficient. The idea was to be able to use the motor where it is necessary to realize a drive in a very small space with low losses and at the same time low noise and vibration.

The result is: The MMA-80 motor series. MMA consists of water-cooled and air-cooled permanently excited synchronous motors (PMSM) and was developed especially for mobile applications. During the development of this motor series, the emphasis was placed on determining the optimum between power density, efficiency, noise and cost.

  • Compact design
  • High power density and efficiency
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Supply voltages DC*: 24 V - 800 V
  • Supply voltages AC*: 230 V and 400 V
  • Customer-specific solutions for flange and shaft

* The MMA motors must be operated by inverter

MMA Electricmotor series

Technical Specifications High-voltage motors (400V / 230V)

Product nameMotor Voltage [VAC]Motor Power (kW)Rated Speed [min⁻¹]Rated/Max Torque [Nm]Rated/Max Current [ARMS]Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]Weight [Kg]Datasheet
MMA 80-8-60-A-…-W24005,2300016,5/21,511,5/15,4137 x 157 x 1908,6
MMA 80-8-60-C-…-W22305,2300016,5/21,519,8/26,1137 x 157 x 1908,6
MMA 80-8-90-A-…-W24004150025,5/41,58,1/13,5176 x 157 x 19011
MMA 80-8-90-C-…-W22304150025,5/41,514,0/23,3176 x 157 x 19011
MMA 80-8-90-C-…-W24007,9300025/41,513,8/23,8176 x 157 x 19011
MMA 80-8-90-D-…-W22307,9300025/41,523,9/40176 x 157 x 19011
MMA 80-8-120-A-…-W240010300032/6416,5/38216 x 157 x 19013,8
MMA 80-8-120-B-…-W223010300032/5028,6/49,5216 x 157 x 19013,8
MMA 100-5-100-A-…-W240018,8300060/9542/70246 x 250 x 29125,5on
MMA 100-5-150-A-…-W240028,5300090/10560/70296 x 250 x 29132,9on

Performance data were determined with a thermally decoupled engine and a coolant temperature of 60°C at 6 l/min. (water / Ethylenglycol 50/50)


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