The air compressor, which offers a maximum pressure of 12,5 bar and a flow rate of 325 litres per minute at 3500 rpm at 10 bar, is a solution with sufficient reserves for almost every mobile application in the field of electric utility vehicles and electric busses. No matter if you decide for the air- or watercooled variant. In terms of compactness and weight, no other solution on the market will be lighter or smaller. Due to the fact, that we use inverter powered PM synchronous motors, we are able to offer a high degree of system efficiency over a wide motor speed range and therefore at high or low flow rates and pressures. Thanks to the possible CAN-Bus control of the inverter and our optional application module, we can operate the compressor on a demand led control basis leading to optimum energy usage and less noise.

Some advantages of the compAUX air compressor:

  • Freely placeable
  • Controlled by a HV-inverter, hence no need for a big DC/DC-converter
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Energy efficient variable speed PM synchronous motor
  • Little maintenance effort and cost
  • High life expectancy
  • Minimum possible energy consumption
  • Low noise generation and vibration due to screw compressor technology
  • Connection to the CAN-Bus (optional)
  • Demand led control (optional)
  • ...

If you have any more specific questions, please contact us and ask for mister Jens Schröder.

Air CompressorAir Pressure Max/Nominal
@ 10 bar
@ 6,5 bar
Filling Time*
Noise Level
Oil Residuum
Rated Motor Voltage
Rated Motor Power
Speed Range

Weight (Dry)
eAir 1.114/12,532536056368< 3Air-/
553 x 400/2303,81000 - 3500 (3000)514x342x34341
eAir 1.214/12,532536056368< 3Water-/
553 x 400/2303,81000 - 3500 (3000)517x273x34335
eAir 2.114/12,532536056368< 3Water-/
673 x 400/2303,61000 - 3500 (3000)450x284x34328

*Bei 3500 min-1, und 12 bar für einen 300l-Tank