New MOTEG Shareholder

On the 8th of August 2019 the MOTEG GmbH and the strategic investment arm of the shareholders of the Hirschvogel Automotive Group, represented by Ceravis Incubation GmbH, have signed an official cooperation contract. As a result, Ceravis Incubation is now an official shareholder of the MOTEG GmbH.

Dr. Siegfried Götz, founder and majority shareholder of the MOTEG, and Ceravis Incubation GmbH, now second biggest shareholder, will together shape the future of MOTEG in close collaboration. The aim is to develop the MOTEG GmbH to a globally recognized and accepted company in the field of electric mobility.

Background of this partnership between both companies is, that MOTEG, a young and innovative company, has already build up a high reputation within the business area of electromobility during the last years. Based on the excellent know-how in the development and production of electrical machines, MOTEG will in the future support the Hirschvogel Group in the development of various new products.

In addition, MOTEG has already developed a family of auxiliary aggregates (power-steering pump, air compressor) for electrified utility vehicles (busses and trucks), which are technically leading the market and are meanwhile requested and sold worldwide. Market studies have shown, that this product group has the potential of growing to a global billion-euro market in the future. To manage the growing global demand of the MOTEG product groups, the Hirschvogel Automotive Group, already a worldwide acting and established automotive supplier, will support MOTEG in the global scale up and the production of their products.