Due to high steering forces, especially occurring during parking and manoeuvring of trucks and busses, very high pressures within the power steering system are to be generated to adequately support the driver in steering the vehicle. This implies a high torque requirement for the motor, resulting in mostly big and heavy electric motors being used for existing electric solutions.

This however is not necessarily the case, if you decide to choose one of our eServo application optimized power steering pumps. They are in terms of compactness, weight, noise and energy efficiency unparalleled on the market. Our highly integrated electric motor offers the best solution in combination with the especially for electric utility vehicles selected pumps. Our electric power steering units supply a maximum pressure of 190 bar for parking and a nominal flow rate of up to 18 litres per minute. Hence our units meet the requirements for many applications, no matter of the environmental temperatures.

Some advantages of the compAUX electric power steering pump:

  • Freely placeable
  • Controlled by a HV-inverter, hence no need for a big DC/DC-converter
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Energy-efficient variable speed PM-synchronous motor
  • No maintenance effort and cost
  • High life expectancy
  • Minimum possible energy consumption
  • Low noise generation
  • Connection to the CAN-Bus (optional)
  • Demand-led control (optional)
  • ...

If you have more specific questions, please contact us and ask for mister Jens Schröder.

Power Steering PumpPump Displacement
max. Flow Rate
Rated Pressure
max. Pressure
Noise Level
Cooling (Motor)Protection-Class
Rated Motor Voltage
Rated Motor Power
Speed Range

Weight (dry)
eServo 1.1 Silence5,516,510019057*Air-Cooled553 x 400/2303,81000 - 3000355x164x19816
eServo 2.1
5,516,510019057*Water-Cooled673 x 400/2303,61000 - 3000212x145x20610,5
eServo 3.0 Silence Plus121810019041**Water-Cooled673 x 400/2303,4500 - 1500 242x145x20614

*Only pump at 3000 rpm, 100 bar and 1 m distance
**Only pump at 1500 rpm, 100 bar and 1 m distance