Electric auxiliary units


Due to the synergy of our e-mobility and our motor-division, we created an application-orientated product series of electric auxiliary units for battery powered electric utility vehicles and electric busses, the compAUX-series. During the development, we focused on optimizing these products regarding noise, energy efficiency, size, weight and costs. This way we managed to set a new standard in economic efficiency, production and technology.

Thanks to the application orientated development, our auxiliary units, which are especially designed for battery powered electric vehicles using inverter driven PM-synchronous motors, fulfil a variety of customers wishes. Compared to other available products on the market, which are mostly powered by asynchronous motors, our units are up to 3-times smaller, 6-times lighter and are more energy efficient.

It doesn’t matter, if our auxiliaries are installed in an electric-bus or electric-truck, using our electric air-compressors or electric power steering pump, you will not only save valuable space and weight but also money due to our optional individual demand-based control and maintenance concept.

If we did raise your interest, we would be more than happy to give you more information about the compAUX-series air- or water-cooled compressors and power steering pumps. So please don’t hesitate to contact us and to benefit from our expertise and products for the future electric transportation sector.