Simulation and calculation of Lines & Courses

Using our precise, software based analysis you will get a detailed answer about the energetic suitability of your courses and lines to be converted to electric busses.

Analysis of all operated tracks and lines

  • Map with detailed track/line depiction (including deadhead/empty trips)
  • Creation of track inclination profiles
  • Position of all bus stops along a line
  • Speed limits
  • Traffic lights and turn behavior

Fleet & Course analysis

  • Inclusion of all courses
  • Tabular listing (course-length/-time/waiting-periods and –positions)
  • Course preselection in regard to their suitability for electrification (with/without opportunity charging)
Track profile

Course energy footprints

  • Necessary energy for all tracks and lines (traction drive & secondary loads / heater & air conditioning
  • Modeling of actual courses
  • Determination of possible charging-times & -positions
Parameter Variants