Über uns

About us

We’re an innovative technology company in the field of electrical machines (motors & generators). Physics is our closest ally and together with the creativity, passion and experience of our scientists, development- and process-engineers it enables us to master all technical and economical challenges of our customers, including compliance with all legal requirements (e.g. IE3, IE4).

Our Customers:

Exceeding our customer expectations is our goal. To assure this we aim for an open and trustful dialog with our clients. Hereby ensuring overall success even in the most difficult phases of a project.

Our Employees:

Our employee’s abilities and creativity is the foundation for our success. That’s why we give them the freedom they need to contribute and develop their personal strength. Additionally we encourage our personnel to think independently and creatively and to act self-responsibly. We focus on a positive and healthy working atmosphere in our company. Additionally lifetime education and networking is important to us because we always strive for new ideas.

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